How to Draw Angel Wings

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil or pen

How to Draw Angel Wings. There are many different ways to draw angel wings. Adding angel wings to any drawing subject turns an earthly creature into a fantasy figure from another world. You can add angel wings to people, animals or imaginary creatures to make interesting celestial beings.

Draw Detailed Angel Wings

Position angel wings to look like they grow out of the angel's back or shoulder blades to make them seem more realistic.

Draw an upside-down "V" on each side of the angel to make the shape of the angel wings.

Add layers of feathers to the wings. To draw feathers, use small curved "V" shapes that point in different directions.

Make angel wings with long feathers by drawing feathers that look like ribbons hanging off of your "V."

Create lifelike feathers by adding detailing. Draw lines through the feathers and make them cut and jagged to create texture.

Try using a teardrop shape for your angel wings. Make the curved part of the teardrop connected to the back of the angel and curve the points of the teardrops upwards to make them look more like wings.

Get More Information on How to Draw Angel Wings

Study pictures of birds wings that remind you of angel wings. Pay attention to the feathers, and the way joints come together when the wings move in different ways.

Purchase a book to help you draw cartoon style angels. Consider Christopher Hart's book "Kids Draw Angels, Elves, Fairies and More" available at Amazon for an easy to read illustration guide on how to draw everything on an angel, including her wings (see Resources below).

Learn how to draw specific angels and their wings from the bible with help from the book "Draw 50 People from the Bible: The Step-by-Step Way to Draw Noah, Moses, Delilah, Jesus, Saint Peter, Mary, and Many More..." by Lee J. Ames available at Amazon (see Resources below).


  • Keep in mind there are no wrong ways to draw angel wings. Angel wings can be fashioned in many ways due to their imaginary and mythical nature.


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