How to Draw Alphabet Letters in 3D

By Leslie Rose ; Updated September 15, 2017

Things Needed

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
3D letters

Messages drawn in three-dimensional block letters are more interesting for the viewer, and because they tend to "pop out" from a paper, they are also more eye catching. Using 3D lettering is a relatively simple way to dress up a sign or make a card more interesting for the viewer. It's not difficult, and in fact, once you've practiced a bit, you'll be able to reduce the process to fewer steps because repetition will give you a greater concept of what the final product should look like and why.

Write the letter you'd like to make into a three-dimensional shape. Write it lightly, so you can erase it later.

Draw a line around the outside of the letter, leaving space between the letter from Step 1 and the outline you are drawing now.

Draw a second outline lining the inside of any enclosed shapes in the letter, leaving space between the letter you drew in Step 1 and the shape you are drawing now. For example, if you drew a capital A in Step 1, draw a small triangle inside the triangular top half of the letter.

Erase the letter you drew in Step 1. Now you should have a large block-letter version of the letter you wish to make three-dimensional.

Draw a second block letter in front of the first block letter. This block letter will be slightly to the right of the first block letter and slightly below it.

Connect the two block letters at all the corresponding corners by drawing straight lines to attach them. For example, draw a straight line from the bottom-left corner of the first block letter to the bottom-left corner of the second block letter, and so on. You have now given the original block letter a three-dimensional quality.

Shade in the front block letter (the letter you drew in Step 5). Shade it a dark color so that the front letter looks solid.

Shade the sides of the letter a lighter color.

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