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How to Draw a Wrecked Car

Wrecked car
Illustration by Ryn Gargulinski

You saw the nastiest car wreck the other day and you wish you could recreate it. You don't want to recreate it with your own vehicle, of course, but you can easily illustrate the destruction you witnessed when you draw a wrecked car. The key to drawing a wrecked car, or any smashed-up object, is to use lots of jagged lines.

Wrecked car
Illustration by Ryn Gargulinski

Things You'll Need:

  • Drawing Instruments
  • Paper

Start with the wheels. Draw one circle and one deflated circle near the bottom of the page. These will be the smashed up car's tires.

Draw the car's body. Make an outline of the car body above the wheels. The body basically consists of three rectangle shapes: one for the back of the car, one for the top, and one for the front. Draw the rectangles with jagged lines and uneven lines to indicate the car is smashed. Add one more very skinny rectangle coming up at an angle over the front of the car to serve as the car's open hood.

Add body details. Draw three squares for windows in the top part of the car. Draw two lines behind the front end to show the inside of the engine. Draw one line above the back of the car and another curved line at the tail end of the car to show the smashed trunk and back bumper. Draw a jagged line straight down the center of the car, behind the front window, to indicate a smashed door.

Shade in areas and add more detail. Color in the tires, adding two more semi-circles beneath the car to show the other side's tires. Shade parts of the engine, adding a line or two coming out to indicate the engine parts in disarray. Draw a line with a circle attached to the top at the back of the car for a busted taillight. Draw a rectangle coming off the back bumper area as the license plate. You can also draw random shapes around the car to indicate parts that have fallen off the car.

Finish it off. Use a thinner drawing instrument to add the final fine details. Draw jagged lines in the windows and throughout the body of the car to show dents and cracks. Add other lines to indicate wreckage, like a small grid on the door. Don't forget to sign your masterpiece.

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