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Matchbox Cars Collectors Guide

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Matchbox cars are die-cast toy cars that have been manufactured, played with and collected since the 1950s. Certain cars are highly collectible, and even the boxes the cars come in may be highly valued by collectors.

Collecting Guide Books

John Houghton's book "The Definitive Guide to Matchbox Toys 1-75 Series 1953-1969" provides photos of cars and boxes for the first 17 years of Matchbox car production. The third volume of "The Encyclopedia of Matchbox Toys" by Charlie Mack includes a price guide updated to 2002. Tom Larson's "Warman's Matchbox Field Guide: Values and Identification" lists prices and collector advice for Matchbox cars through 2008.

Internet Guides

BattleKings.com offers a price guide for Matchbox cars using valuations provided by Charlie Mack. Alan Wank at ToyBoy offers an appraisal service and consignment sales (see Resources).


To determine the value of your Matchbox cars, you must know the model and condition of the car. The scarcity of the model and any particular variations can make a big difference in the value of the car, as can the era of the vehicle, the inclusion of original packaging and parts and the overall condition of the car.

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