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How to Sell My NASCAR Diecast

Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images

Many diehard NASCAR fans collect diecast versions of the cars they see racing at Daytona, Bristol and other NASCAR tracks. When you want to sell your NASCAR diecast collection, you must know how much you want to sell them for and where to sell them at. Once you determine the answers to these questions, you can receive a high price for your diecast.

Look up the value of your diecast. Many websites and magazines offer price guides for around $10. Buy a price guide and look up the prices.

Determine the condition of your diecast. "Mint" condition diecast cars have never been out of the package, which keeps the paint scheme and parts in pristine condition. "Near-mint" condition means the package has been opened, but everything is in great condition. "Good" condition means the paint job is acceptable and the car still moves. Below this condition is where cars rapidly lose their value because a rating below "good" means the paint is fading or peeling, pieces are missing and that the car does not move very well, if at all.

Visit hobby shops that sell diecast cars. Ask the clerk to assess your diecast collection's value. Ask him if he is interested in buying any of your diecast cars.

Open an online shop through a website, online store or auction. Place price tags on your merchandise.

Sell your cars at large flea markets. Many dealers set up a few tables at flea markets because collectors and hobbyists visit the markets in search of good deals.


Be prepared to haggle as collectors love to bargain with dealers for a good price.


  • In most cases, you will never sell your cars for the top-of-the-line mint-condition prices.
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