How to Draw a Nissan Skyline

Draw a Nissan Skyline
Illustrations by Andrew DeWitt

The Nissan Skyline is truly a classic car. A version of the Nissan Skyline has been around in some form for decades. The first model was produced in 1957 and later became known as the Nissan Skyline in 1966 after Nissan merged with the original creators of the Skyline, Prince Motor Company. Learn how to draw a Nissan Skyline in its current form. You will learn how to use geometric shapes to create a compelling and detailed picture of the Nissan Skyline.

Draw a Nissan Skyline
Illustrations by Andrew DeWitt

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Black Ink Pen
  • Pencil
The basic frame.

Draw a three dimensional rectangle for the front of the car. Add a flat rectangle on top of this that is slightly narrower at the top. Attach a thin triangle to the right side of this shape for the window. Below this, attach a long pentagon (five-sided shape) to the bottom of the triangle and side of the three dimensional rectangle.

Make another three dimensional rectangle at the base of the first rectangle. This will later be the front bumper of the Skyline. Create the frame of the spoiler with a long rectangle across the back of the frame. Attach this to the car with a small vertical rectangle.

Draw a circle to the right of this a circle to represent one of the front wheels. Draw a small rectangle under left side of the bumper for the other front wheel. At the back of the pentagon attach another circle for the back wheel. Make these three dimensional by adding a curved line to the inner side of the back wheel and the front right side wheel.

Add details to the frame of the Skyline. Draw a small rectangle that comes to a point on each side of the front of the Nissan Skyline. These will be the headlights. For the grill draw a hexagon in the middle of the bumper. Add the door with a slightly curved vertical line that extends from the middle of the window to the base of the frame. Create the side view mirrors with small rectangles that are wider on the outside edge.

Create more details on the bumper by adding three rectangles on one on top of the other on each side of the front bumper. Make the middle one bigger and curve the inside line of the rectangles. Add vertical rectangle to the right side of the bumper. Curve the right side of this shape. Above the bumper add a rectangle that is wider at the top. Add two lines to the hood of the car to show where the hood is raised to accommodate the Skyline's engine.

Add a small rectangle to the side panel of the car for one of the turning signals. Draw the door handle with a curved triangle shape on near the top back of the door. Make a half circle under the handle. In the middle of the door draw a line extending slightly past the front and back of the door. Draw a line going from the back corner of the car to the door. Create the rear view mirror with long pentagon shape with a small square attached.

Add the final details. Make the ventilation holes on the bumper and grill of the car three dimensional by adding rectangles inside of the holes. Do the same thing for the grill as well. Draw semi circles one inside the other inside the head lights. Draw the raised hood by adding pentagon shapes on top of the hood of the car. Finish the spoiler by adding a triangle shape on the end of spoiler. Add cross hatch marks on the grill. Make the top grill contain diagonal cross hatch marks and the bottom contain vertical and horizontal cross hatch marks.

Ink the drawing. Darken in the tires, around the windows and any area of the car that is not exposed to light, such as the holes on the front of the bumper. Add shadow underneath the spoiler with a dark thick line. Wait for the ink to dry. Erase all the pencil.


  • Using a ruler for the base frame can make your final drawing look crisp and clean.