How to Draw a Honda Civic

Honda Civics are a common car. Most people purchase Hondas because they are reliable cars that get good gas mileage. If you are drawing a Honda Civic for use in a cartoon or graphic novel, remember that the characters who drive Hondas are likely to be sensible and rational individuals.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Black Fine Tip Graphic Marker
  • Pencil (Hb Or Harder)
  • Subject (Picture Or A Live Vehicle)

Start by selecting your subject. Pictures of Honda Civics may easily be found online, but these cars are also easy to spot in parking lots and garages and parked on the street. It is best to draw from real life, not imagination.

When drawing a car, start from the outside and move in, and from the top moving down. First make your drawing with a light line made by an HB or harder pencil. When the car is complete, then you will go over your lines with a black fine tip graphic quality marker.

Begin by drawing the outline of the vehicle. Start at the top left and move clockwise around the body. Your lines should be as fluid and unbroken as possible.

Start to fill in the lines on the body of the car. Add the windshield and/or rear window, as applicable—this depends on the angle at which you are drawing the car. Do not draw the interior at this time.

Draw the outline of the doors, then the windows within the doors. Indicate the presence of a side view mirror by adding a curve that juts from the door just below the window.

Now, depending on what you can see from the angle at which you are drawing, draw the headlights or the taillights. The headlights and outer edge of the hood of most models of Honda Civic curve upward like a smile.

If you are drawing the rear of the car, outline the trunk. If you are drawing the front of the car, outline the hood.

Fill in the tires and indicate the presence of hubcaps with a graceful curve lining the inside of the tire.

If you wish to draw the interior of the car, do so now. You may also choose to simply draw lines on the windshield or the rear window indicating the reflection on the glass.

There will be an "H" symbol (the Honda logo) on both the back and the front of the car. Include this wherever you see it.

Now trace over the light lines of the pencil with the graphic marker. Use a steady hand. Make your lines quick and confident. You may want to practice tracing lines with your graphic marker on a separate sheet of paper before attempting this on your drawing, as the marks are permanent and this kind of tracing does take some practice.

Erase what is left of the pencil (although there should not be much).


  • Keep your pencil lines light enough that they can easily be erased.

    Be careful not to draw the car as you think you see it, but as it actually is. Refer back to the image of the car or the live car you are looking at frequently.