How to Draw a Garbage Truck

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Drawing a garbage truck is a step up from drawing basic shapes. When you first learn to draw artistically, practicing drawing garbage trucks can be a way of improving, since you can be as complex as you like. A garbage truck has a very basic shape, which you can add as many details to as you like. With a few tips, you can improve your drawing ability and become more comfortable with different ideas of advanced art.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Pencils

Take a photograph of a garbage truck, or cut one from a magazine or newspaper. Having an image to work from will improve your technique and will allow you to be more accurate in your drawing.

Start by using a straight line to lightly draw a large rectangle. This will form the framework of your truck, although it will only be a guideline. Use a soft pencil, or press lightly on the paper. Extend the bottom line of the rectangle out to the left or the right to make a base for the cab.

Use the guidelines to sketch an outline of the truck. You can press harder or use a harder pencil, because these lines will not be rubbed out. If the garbage truck has a curved back or edges then sketch these in by cutting the corner of the guide shape.

Draw in some of the details once you have sketched the outline of the truck, such as the wheels, the cab and garbage collecting mechanism. Work slowly, and draw a series of small lines instead of a long line. This will help you if you make a mistake.

Add the details such as the design or logo on the side of the truck, as well as the garbage it is collecting. Add shadow to the truck, and shade it in if you desire. If you are shading in the truck, use an eraser to remove areas where the light is shining. This will make the area look extra bright and shiny.