How to Draw a Cube

Draw a Cube

How to Draw a Cube. Learning to draw a cube is a lesson in 3D art and an exercise on perspective. Using a ruler, you can create a cube in a few moments. Delving deeper to understand the mathematics behind the cube will allow you to draw more complex versions, as well as other 3D objects.

Make a square. It can be any size you like, but it needs to be a simple square with no shading or embellishments added to it. This will be the back of your cube.

Move to the left and down, and draw another square. This square should overlap the first square you drew and it should be the same size. This is the front of your cube.

Draw a line from the bottom-left corner of the first square to the bottom-left corner of the right square. Connect all the corners in this way.

Play with the perspective by changing the length of the lines that connect the front and back squares. You can also move the front square to the right rather than the left or to the top or bottom. All of those changes alter the perspective in a 3D drawing.


Use a ruler to create perfectly straight lines if you choose.

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