How to Make a Siding Cutting Table

A circular saw makes cutting tin siding a cinch.

Making a siding cutting table is a project that any DIY-er can accomplish without many tools or much experience. This type of tool, sometimes referred to as a “cutting jig,” is helpful for cutting straight lines with a hand-held circular saw because it gives the cutter a guide to push or pull the circular saw in a straight line. In the case that you don’t have the proper size wooden pieces, have the hardware store employees cut the wood to size for you before you go home to put the pieces together.

Attach two 2-inch by 2-inch by 48-inch wooden beams to either side of a 3/4-inch by 24-inch by 48-inch plywood board. Attach the beams so that the 48-inch length of the beams is parallel to the 48-inch length of the plywood board. Use 5 1.75-inch wood nails to attach the beams to the plywood board; each nail should be 1 foot from the next.

Place a 1/4-inch by 6-inch by 24-inch plywood board on top of the wooden beams so that the 24-inch length of the plywood board is perpendicular to the 48-inch length of the beams. Place the plywood board at the center of the contraption built in the previous step.

Place a 1-inch by 2-inch by 24-inch wooden beam on top of the plywood board placed in the previous step so that the 24-inch length of the plywood and the 24-inch length of the beam are running parallel to each other.

Attach the plywood board and plywood beam to the contraption built in step 1 using two 1.75-inch wood nails, one on each 2 by 2 beam.