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How to Put a Pool Table on Hardwood Floors

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The big consideration when installing a pool table on a hardwood floor is its weight. A full-size slate pool table is very heavy and usually weighs in the vicinity of 1,000 pounds. Fortunately, the four legs of a pool table help distribute the weight and greatly reduce the pressure on the floor. Another important requirement is making sure your wood floor is completely level. It's very annoying for a serious pool player to see a ball curve or veer because the table is not balanced.

Things You'll Need:

  • Hygrometer
  • Humidifier (optional)
  • Dehumidifier (optional)
  • Level
  • Coasters
  • Rug


If you don't have enough manpower, use a dolly to help bring the pool table into the room.

Consult a building contractor to make sure your floor can support the pool table. This is particularly important for pool tables that will be installed on a second or third floor. Although uncommon, you might have to reinforce the floor from below.

Inspect your hardwood floor for any damage. Replace any planks that are showing signs of deterioration. Check the humidity in the room with a hygrometer. Adjust the humidity in the room with a humidifier or dehumidifier.

Reseal and refinish your floor prior to installing the pool table, if necessary. Do not put your pool table on the hardwood for at least 48 hours after refinishing your floor. Refinishing is important because it will protect your floor from the table's legs, and balls that fly off the pool table.

Use a level to make sure the floor is level where you are going to install the pool table.

Place your pool table directly into its desired position. Sliding the table will scratch the floor. To move the table, have at least two people lift it directly off the floor and place it in another position.

Place coasters underneath each table leg on the floor. Check to make sure the table is still even with a level after installing the coasters. The coasters will help distribute the weight of the pool table.

Place a sturdy rug under the table that is big enough to accommodate both the table and the person who is shooting pool. Place coasters under each leg to protect the rug. Use a level to make sure the floor is level. A rug could alter the level of the table. On the plus side, a rug will help protect the floor from flying pool balls.

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