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How to Draw a Curving Road

Drawing a curved road, or any curve in general, is difficult. If you have a pen tool that can create curves, this task might not be so difficult. But getting a curved road right when drawing it by hand or using a tablet can be a real challenge.

Things You'll Need:

  • Ruler
  • Drawing Pencil
  • Protractor
  • Drawing Paper
  • Tablet
  • Pencil Eraser

Draw a horizon line.

Draw a triangle with the top of the triangle touching the horizon line.


Draw lines that extend to a point further along the horizon line from exactly parallel sides of the triangle.


Use the triangles as guidelines for drawing the curved road.


Trace over the guidelines in a curving motion until you have a smooth curving road.



Going over the curving line several times can help improve the smoothness of the lines.

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