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How to Draw a Chair

A simple chair

A great way to start practicing perspective drawing is to start small. Drawing a simple chair is a wonderful object to start with. It is a good object to really make drawing perspective second nature. Using the principles outlined below, you can draw many different kinds of chairs and move on to bigger pieces of furniture and structures.

Draw the basic shape of the chair back and seat as square planes. Make sure that you draw axis lines to correctly draw the direction and perspective of each. Draw as many axis lines as you need and as long as you need. The point of the axis line is to make sure your perspective is right. Don't be concerned about making your drawing perfect.

Draw down from the corners of the seat and create a cube, as if the seat were on top of a big cube.

Draw in chair legs. This is your basic chair drawing. if you have chair handles, you can use the same cube principle as the legs but on top of the seat.

Fill in the rest of the details as you want. Erase the excess lines, or leave them in, as it adds character to some drawings.


Be loose with your axis lines. Don't be too concerned with perfection.

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