How to Download to a Designer One Sewing Machine

Things You'll Need

  • Embroidery unit
  • Blank floppy disk
  • Computer with external floppy drive

The Designer 1 is a sewing/embroidery machine from the Husqvarna Viking Company. Key features of this machine include a patented exclusive sensory system that has an automatic foot lift that lifts and lowers the sewing foot for easy hands-free sewing, and an automatic foot pressure that senses the thickness of your fabric and adjusts the sewing foot accordingly. Another key feature is the built-in sewing advisory. You go into the help screen, select your fabric type, and the sewing machine sets all your important sewing tension, pressure, stitch and foot adjustments for you. The Designer 1 downloads designs in two ways; pre-purchased designs on floppy disks or through a blank floppy disk that allows you to download embroidery designs from the computer and transfer them to your machine.

Insert a blank floppy into your computer's floppy driver. If the floppy is new, a box will appear telling you to format the disk. Press "Accept" and formatting will begin.

Locate, and open your embroidery design folder or find a design you like online. Click on the design. The design will appear on your screen. Make any needed changes, and then click "Save as," choose the floppy driver, and save to it. If you found a design online, the process is the same except after you purchase the design you need to open the zipped attachment first and then save to the floppy. Most computers have a built in unzip program. If yours does not you can download a free unzip program online (see Resources).

Eject the floppy from the floppy driver. Set your Designer 1 up for embroidery. Insert the floppy disk in the disk slot located on the right side of the machine near the hand-wheel.

Turn the machine on. The LCD screen will light up, and an embroidery menu will appear. Choose floppy disk. The folder will open, and the design you downloaded from your computer will be in the folder. Choose your design. The design will appear on screen. Choose start, and the sewing machine will automatically prepare for embroidery. Press the foot pedal when you are ready to start.


  • Use pre-filled cotton or poly embroidery bobbins for embroidery. Purchase stabilizers in bulk to save money.


  • A bird's nest under the fabric means there's tension in the top thread, and a bird's nest on top of the fabric indicated tension in the bobbin. Lint builds up fast with some fabrics. Make sure to clean the bobbin case and under the stitch plate often.