How to Download PS3 Games for Free

Member's of Sony's PlayStation Plus get several perks: online gameplay on the PlayStation 4, discounted prices on digital game purchases and free games. Free games are released on a regular basis and available to download to your PlayStation 3 at any time. While non-members can also download these games, only PlayStation Plus members can enjoy them free of charge, and the amount of content as well as other perks offsets the cost of membership.

Changing Freebie Lineup

PlayStation Plus releases new freebies every month, making them effectively a month-long limited offer. Once the new free title come out, the previous month's titles return to the store for their regular prices. For example, the free PS3 titles for August 2014 were "Fez," "Crysis 3," "Proteus" and "Dragon's Crown." The September 2014 lineup replaced these titles with "Sportsfriends," "PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale" and "Hoard."

Multiple Console Freebies and Cross-Play

PlayStation Plus membership also give you access to free titles for other Sony consoles. Freebies are often released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, with some titles being Cross-Play. Cross-Play games are available across several platforms, but are designed so that players on two different systems can still interact; for example, a PS3 player can cross-play with a PS Vita player on the same game session.