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How to Download a Flash Player to the PS3

Scott Barbour/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Flash is a very important element to a lot of web pages. Sites like YouTube, for example, won't work for you unless you have Flash installed on your computer. This is just as true for the web browser that is built into the Sony PlayStation 3 as it is for any web browser you would use on your computer. If you want to install Flash on your Sony PS3, you just have to go to the right website and download the correct extension.

Turn on your PS3.

Select "Network and then "Internet." This will open the PS3's web browser.

Visit a web page that requires Flash player. Try YouTube or Metacafe, two popular video file sharing sites.

Wait for the page to load. A box will appear on your TV screen notifying you that your system is missing the required Flash plug-in that the page needs to load properly.

Click "X" to download the plug-in and install Flash on your PS3.

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