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How to Do TV Makeup for a Man

Men are usually unfamiliar and uncomfortable with makeup. That's understandable, but if you are going to appear on TV then you should look your best. Television cameras and bright lights will change your appearance drastically so makeup is essential. Swallow your macho inhibitions and put on the makeup. Here's how a man should do makeup for television.

Things You'll Need:

  • Makeup
  • Makeup Sponges And Brushes
  • Mirror

Get the good stuff. Don't waste your time running to the drug store to buy makeup teenage girls use. Find a professional makeup store like MAC. They have a line of makeup specifically for television that is widely used by professional men. You can also go to an upscale department store and ask for professional grade makeup. Either place will help you pick the right colors and show you how to apply it. Remember, if the makeup is cheap you will look cheap.

Use only as much as you need. Different situations call for different makeup. If you are outside doing a television interview and the only light source is the sun then simple powder to take away the shine might be fine. If you are in a studio under a complex lighting set up then you will need the works. Wearing too much make up is worse than not wearing enough.

Apply powder for simple lighting situations. If the camera isn't getting too close and it isn't too bright then reducing glare is your objective. Get a compact with the color powder that matches your skin tone. Use a puff to cover your face with enough powder to take away the shine. From time to time check your face to see if you need more powder. If it is hot it will come off fast. MAC has a product called Studio Fix that also provides some light coverage.

Apply foundation for complex lighting situations. Foundation covers the defects in your skin that show up loud and clear under lights. Cover your face with a foundation that matches your skin. Remember to blend the makeup into your neck or everyone will see where your makeup ends.

Give your face depth with other makeup. As a man you don't have to get as fancy as the women do but some accents will make you look better. A little eye liner on your lower lids will make your eyes look bigger. A little blush on your cheeks will bring out your cheek bones. A strip of slightly lighter foundation down the middle of your nose will make your face appear less flat. If you really want to get fancy you can apply eye shadow and lip color.

Finish it off with a dusting of powder. The powder holds everything in place and gives you a uniform texture. Check yourself in the mirror and remember to check again occasionally. You will need more powder periodically to keep the shine away.


Don't be discouraged if you have a hard time at first. Woman have practiced applying makeup their entire lives. You just started. Ask for help and advice from people with experience. Don't be embarrassed. Makeup is normal for men on TV.


  • Be sure to stuff some tissue around the collar of your shirt before applying makeup. That will keep it from getting on your shirt.
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