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How to Do the YMCA Dance

Do the YMCA Dance

How to Do the YMCA Dance. If you're ever at a party, wedding reception, or other social gathering and the Village People's "YMCA" starts playing, you can be guaranteed people will be doing the dance and forming the letters with their bodies. If you want to join in the fun, here's how.

Listen to the lyrics as the song is playing. You can ad-lib dance until the chorus begins. As soon as the you hear the lyrics, "It's fun to stay," get ready to start forming the letters.

Create a Y by standing straight and extending your arms over your head. Your arms should be outstretched at angles away from each other so that your hands are about three to four feet apart.

Make an M by bringing your hands together on top of your head so that the backs of your fingers are touching. Your fingertips should be in contact with your scalp. Bend your wrists as much as you can to make the corners of the top of the M as sharp as possible.

Produce a C by bringing your left arm down by your side. Extend your left arm out and bend it slightly, keeping your palm open. Your left hand should be parallel with your waist. Curl your right arm over your head and bend your waist to the left.

Form an A by bringing your arms back up over your head. Bend your elbows at the level of your ears and bring your hands together so that your fingertips touch. Your hand should create a triangle.

Continue forming the letters in sync with the lyrics as the song plays.

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