How to Do a Fan Kick

How to Do a Fan Kick. It is easy to learn the fan kick and polish it to display with your next dance routine. Just follow these steps.

Begin by stretching properly and then warming up your muscles. Performing a fan kick requires a certain amount of muscular flexibility and fluidity. You don't want to injure yourself on the first try.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. A fan kick can be done with either leg. If you are right-handed, you will probably find it easiest to kick with your right leg. The directions that follow indicate right leg kicks. For left-leg kicks, reverse the directions.

Hold your arms gracefully by your sides or parallel to the floor.

Point the toe of your right leg. Swing this leg in a clockwise circular motion. Your leg should swing left, then up and then back down to the right. At the end of the swing, return your leg to its original position; alternately you can end in a graceful lunge, with your left leg in front and your right leg behind you.


  • Kick as high as you can. The higher the fan kick, the better it looks. Stand on your toes on the stationary foot. This looks more graceful and will make a kick seem higher. Practice makes perfect so practice many time. It may help to attach ankle weights to your kicking leg. If you can execute a beautiful kick with weights strapped to your leg, imagine how good the kick will look without the weights.

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