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How to Do a Body Flip in "Skate 3" for PS3

Success in the "Skate 3" video game for the Sony PlayStation 3 depends upon players being able to complete a variety of moves and stunts with their on-screen character. The more stunts you perform during a level, the more points you get. One such stunt is a full body flip, which sees your character flip in a 360-degree circle, either forwards or backwards, all while staying on the skateboard. You can complete full body flip in "Skate 3" by using a specific controller button combination.

Press the "X" button to begin moving your "Skate 3" character.

Press the PS3 joystick forward to move your character.


Press the "Square" button to jump with your "Skate 3" character. At the same time, rotate the left joystick in the direction you want to perform the body flip. Your on-screen character will execute the body flip and land back on his skateboard.

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