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How to Display Medals and Pins

Over the years, you've probably stashed away medals from school, church, military, work and club activities. Maybe they're languishing in a drawer or in your jewelry chest. Pull them out and display them proudly in your home or office within a shadow box.

Things You'll Need:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Shadow Box
  • Glue Sticks
  • Velvet Cloth

Lay out all of your pins and medals on a flat surface to get an idea of how large a shadow box you'll need.

Do a test layout within the shadow box by arranging the pins and medals in various ways until you get a look you like.

Cut the velvet cloth to a size just larger than the shadow box's backing.

Wrap the cloth around the backing piece for the shadow box.

Fasten the fabric to the shadow box by hot gluing the excess fabric to the back of the shadow box backing. Be sure there's not so much excess that it's too thick for the box.

Pin the medals to the velvet background cloth. If one doesn't have a pin, use a straight pin or stitch it to the backing with a needle and thread.


Don't overcrowd the shadow box or it will look cluttered; if you have too many medals and pins, split them into two separate boxes.

Clean the glass before putting the box together.

If medals have tarnished, clean them with the appropriate polish for that type of metal.

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