How to Design Your Own Motorcycle Graphics

Illustrations by Andrew DeWitt

Things You'll Need

  • Printer
  • Colored Markers
  • Pen
  • White craft paint

Designing your own graphics for a motorcycle can be a great way to get your imagination working in overdrive. By printing out a template, you can feel free to experiment with many different types of graphic ideas for your motorcycle. Print out multiple copies of the template and test out different color schemes. For the example, in this article, you will be learning how to design a custom tiger-themed graphic that will cover your entire motorcycle and really give the image some flair and personality.

Print out the template line work of the motorcycle. Use the image provided here, if need be. Print it in black and white, and for ink printers, allow the ink to dry for a few minutes before you start working with it.

Apply the base colors to the entire picture. Color the seat dark gray. Add light gray to the engine parts and exhaust pipes. Color the tires black. Color the fuel tank, back of the motorcycle and splatter guard orange yellow.

Let the color dry for several minutes. Using a black ink pen, add tiger stripes on the the places you have colored orange yellow. Start each stripe at the top of the section it is in. Make the stripe with curved cone shapes that come to a sharp point.

Draw upside-down triangles for the stripes on the front wheel's splatter guard. Draw a small profile view of a tiger for on the top section of the gas tank. Draw the teeth of the tiger with a rectangle. Inside this rectangle, add a large cone for the fang and a jagged line for the rest of the teeth. Add the eye with an oval that comes to a point on both ends. Add the ears with a sideways triangular shape.

Color in all of the stripes black. Use white craft paint to color in the teeth of the tiger. Let the paint and marker dry for several minutes before moving.


  • You can test our color schemes by drawing quick thumbnails. Thumbnails are fast sketches that take up less than a fourth of the page. If you are hesitant about your color scheme, try it out small first, like this article has done. You can use take your custom graphics to a motorcycle body shop, where they should be able to apply your sketches to your bike.


  • Place a sheet of paper under your template when you are coloring to prevent the maker from bleeding onto anything.

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