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How to Defeat Cyborg Ninja in "Metal Gear Solid"

Before you finally face him in battle, you see Metal Gear Solid's mysterious Cyborg Ninja effortlessly slice Revolver Ocelot's hand off and leave a trail of blood and destruction in his wake. During his time on Shadow Moses Island, Snake will eventually learn the identity of this masked warrior, but not before taking him down in hand-to-hand combat. Whether you play the original PlayStation or PC versions of the game or the GameCube remake, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Ninja goes through a few distinct phases during the battle. For each phase, Snake's arsenal offers ideal countermeasures.

Swordplay and Fisticuffs

After witnessing Ninja's slaughter of the soldiers in the hallway, enter the office and take in the ensuing cut scene in which your enemy questions Otacon. Cyborg Ninja then begins the battle by attacking you with his sword. Don't bother with your gun -- bullets are useless until the very end of the battle, as your foe deflects them with his blade. Instead, strike Ninja with a punch-punch-kick combo just as he comes out of his attacks. If you can, stand behind a desk and wait for him to jump the desk, then use the combo when he lands.

Hide and Seek

After he's had enough of the punch-punch-kick combo, a short scene plays in which Ninja tells Snake that they can finally fight as “warriors...hand-to-hand.” Keep using the punch-punch-kick method, retreating after each successful combo, until Ninja dons his Stealth Suit, making him invisible. Equip your Thermal Goggles to find Ninja as he stays stationary in hiding spots around the room. When you find him, administer a trusty punch-punch-kick attack until he starts the next phase.

Teleportation Techniques

As though an invincible sword and invisibility weren't enough, Cyborg Ninja eventually starts to teleport when you attempt to attack him. Throw a Chaff Grenade at him, then start an attack when he screams. Punch him once, then again. If the second punch connects, go for a third. If it doesn't connect, don't attempt a third punch or you'll be met with a hearty Ninja kick.

An Electric Battle

Once you've landed enough blows on Ninja, a massive orb of electricity suddenly surrounds his body and he begins teleporting great distances around the room, taunting Snake with “Hurt me more!” Avoid contact with the electric field, as it deals immense damage. Now's the time to break out your artillery -- shoot the Cyborg with your choice of gun. The Fa-Mas is a particularly effective choice here. Each time you land a hit, he'll teleport again, so rinse and repeat until he dramatically exits in a cinematic cut scene. After getting some insight on Ninja's identity from a codec conversation with the Colonel, talk to Otacon to continue Snake's adventure.

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