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How to Blood Walk

The Blood Walk, also known as the B-Walk, was originally created by Lil' Rotney, the nephew of DJ Quik. DJ Quik actually took the dance and combined it with another dance called the Skip Walk. The Blood Walk was first performed on stage by DJ Quik and his associates. It was meant originally as simply a time filling routine until people began to Crip Walk in an act of urban opposition. From then on it became known as the Blood Walk.

Form a V-shape by bringing your heels together and move your feet back and forth. Bring your feet up to the front so that your front foot is heel up and toes pointing down.

From there segue into the heel-toe: Run in place in such a way that your leading foot lands toe up and then turns as the body turns into a 90-degree angle. Alternate this move with both feet.

Do "the shine" by raising your right foot as your left foot continues its V-shaped shuffle. Bring your left hand down in an arc as if it was quickly shining your shoe. Repeat this using your left foot and right hand. You can also do a variation by "shining" the inside part of each shoe.

Do "the snake" after the shine, not before. The snake involves first gracefully sliding your feet in a diagonal motion. Keep your right foot flat on the ground for leverage as your left foot almost appears to levitate just above the ground and then rapidly moves away. Repeat the same process with your left foot stationary.

Understand the cultural significance of both the Blood Walk and Crip Walk. Don't use the Blood Walk for taunting or in the wrong situation. Its original intention was to be an entertaining and challenging dance.


Follow along with the instructional Youtube videos (see Resources).

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