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How to Beat the Dragon Tank Boss in "Chrono Trigger"

Just as you think you've made a daring prison escape in "Chrono Trigger," you're faced with one last hurdle, the Dragon Tank. This boss is broken down into three parts: the head, the body and the wheels. You'll have to attack one part at a time, using Crono to attack and Lucca to heal. This isn't an easy fight, so come ready with Tonics and Mid-Tonics, and buckle in for a long battle.

Attacking the Head

Concentrate your attacks on the head first, as it acts as a healer for the rest of the tank. Use Crono's standard attack and have Lucca use Tonics or Mid-Tonics to keep the party's health up. Do not have Lucca cast any Fire techs on the head, as this will heal it. Keep using Crono's regular attacks to destroy the head and its 600 hit points.

Attacking the Wheels

After you have defeated the head, it's time to go after the wheels, called the grinder. Use the same strategy as before, and keep working away with Crono's normal physical attacks, or switch to his Cyclone tech. The grinder has a powerful attack that will attack both members of the party, so have both Crono and Lucca use Tonics or Mid-Tonics to get their HP back after the attack. The Grinder has only 208 HP, so keep attacking with Crono and healing with Lucca until it's destroyed.

Finishing the Battle

Now that you've destroyed the head and the wheels, it's time to finish this tank off. Use Crono and Lucca's double-tech Fire Whirl. Since Crono is faster, he will get more attacks in, so use this pattern: Attack with Fire Whirl, then use a regular physical attack with Crono. By the next around of attacks, you should be able to use Fire Whirl again. The body has 266 HP, so keep repeating this pattern until its defeat.

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