How to Decorate Tables With Tulle and Lights

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Drape a table with lights and tulle to create a romantic ambience to your wedding reception. Whether you want to incorporate your wedding colors into the light scheme or you want to stick with traditional white, the process to light up a table is simple. The lights will need to wrap first and then layered with tulle so the lights are not bright to your guests. The layering technique will soften the lights and so they can remain lit throughout the entire evening.

Things You'll Need

  • Battery-Operated Mini-Lights
  • Tablecloth
  • Velcro
  • Tulle
  • Flexible Measuring Tape

Coordinate the lights with tulle to reflect your wedding colors. While the standard white lights with white tulle will always look romantic and festive, you can also reflect your wedding colors in the lights or tulle color. For example, if one of your wedding colors is blue then you can layer blue lights under a white tulle or blue tulle.

Measure the table with a flexible tape measure. You will be wrapping lights around the entire exterior rim of the table so record the measurements exactly. Purchase lights in the sizes you need for the tables according to the measurements. The lights should be battery operated, not electric. This will reduce cords flowing from under the tables.

Lay the tablecloth over the table and secure, if it is short, or let it drape to the floor. Line the edges of the table, on the exterior of the tablecloth, with the lights.

Secure the lights with double-sided sticky Velcro. The Velcro will come in a long roll that can be cut to the size that you need. Cut the Velcro and wrap one side over the lights to secure them to the table. The other side of the Velcro will attach to the back of the tulle to hold it over the table.

Measure the tulle in the same way you did the exterior of the table and cut. Begin wrapping the tulle around the table. Once you come to an area with Velcro, attach the opposite Velcro piece to the back of the tulle and stick together. This will secure the tulle to the table and still allow the lights to shine through. Repeat with the table until complete.


  • Use the arrangement for the head table only, or expand out to each guest table. Avoid draping the tulle over the table completely, this will be uncomfortable for the guests while eating or resting their arms.