How to Decorate Photo Albums

Decorate a photo album
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Photo albums are not just books filled with pictures. They are decorating with graphics and accents that enhance the album’s look. Decorating your photo album can make it unique and can add a personal touch. Reflecting your personal style with decorations can add so much more to your pictures and bring them to life. You can also decorate an album that is a gift for someone else, which can make a gift more sentimental and personal.

Things You'll Need

  • Pictures For Album
  • Photo Album
  • Glue Gun
  • Ribbons
  • Glitter
  • Fabric
  • Stickers
  • Photo Safe Glue

Look through your pictures. Decide which ones you would like to group together. For instance, you may want to group pictures of holiday events together or pictures of one person together.

Place your pictures in the album. Most albums come with pages that have glue to hold your pictures. If your does not, use a glue that won’t destroy your pictures to affix them to the pages. If you have to glue your pictures in the album, be sure to let each pages dry before turning the page or closing the book, so the pages do not get glued together.

Decorate your album. Use whatever items you choose to add flair to your album. You could outline your pictures with ribbon, or put the title of the pictures on the page. Use your imagination. You might decorate each page with a different theme to reflect that page’s pictures, like Christmas themed decorations for pictures involving Christmas or dance themed decorations for someone who is a dancer. If your decorations touch your pictures, use the photo safe glue, if they do not, you can use the glue gun.

Cover the outside of the album with a fabric of your choice. You can pick a fabric that reflects what sort of pictures are in the album. Cut the fabric so that it covers the outside of the album, ensuring that there is enough fabric to fold over onto the inside the cover. Close your album so that you can make sure there is enough fabric to allow this. Once you have cut your fabric, you can use your glue gun to affix the fabric to the album. You can even sew things onto the fabric, or have it monogrammed to add a more personal touch.