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How to Get a Celebrity to Come to Your School

Getting a star to your school is worth the effort.
Illustration by Ryn Gargulinski

Most kids would do extra homework, not talk in study hall and even refrain from throwing pudding at lunch if they heard someone famous was going to pay them a visit. You can get a celebrity to come to your school with a little research, a lot of persistence and a few simple tips.

Getting a star to your school is worth the effort.
Illustration by Ryn Gargulinski

Things You'll Need:

  • Celebrity Target
  • Hook
  • Letters From Students And Administration

Find a hook. Research celebrity hometowns, passions, places they’ve lived and hobbies and see which fit. If your school is in Napa Valley, for instance, find a celebrity that just can’t resist wine or grapes.

Be unique. Think of what makes your school stand out from the rest and why it would be a fun place for anyone to visit, not just a celebrity. Do you have a football stadium that was originally built as a movie set or the oldest school bell in America?

Get the kids in on the action. Have kids pen letters to the celebrity explaining why it would make their life complete if this celebrity came for a visit.

Offer something in return. If money is not an option, offer some kind of memorable trinket, such as a trophy form the school for “Most Famous Honorary Student,” to lure them your way. You can also offer to hold a pep rally in their honor and have the football team lead a cheer.

Package up an enticing letter from the principal including all the above tips, the letters from the kids and figure out where to send it. You’ll usually have to go through a publicist, who you can find by online research. Call to make sure you have the correct address to send the stuff and so the person knows it’s coming.

Follow up. Then follow up again. Follow up in two weeks to make sure the package was received. Follow up once a week thereafter until they change their phone number or just send the celebrity so you’ll go away.


  • Don’t worry about bothering the celebrity. Appeasing fans is part of the business.
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