How to Decorate Clothes With Rhinestones

Things You'll Need

  • Plain item of clothing
  • Rhinestones
  • Adhesives or stud tool
  • Stencil and pencil

How to Decorate Clothes With Rhinestones. If you've got a plain shirt, pair of jeans or pair of shoes that you've relegated to the back of your closet, give it new life by adorning it with rhinestones. Decorate each piece with simple tools to express your personal style and create attention-grabbing, one-of-a-kind clothes.

Choose a method to add the rhinestones to your clothes. Although regular glue is fine for temporary designs (like a shirt for kids' dress-up play), consider a manual tool to poke the studs through the fabric or gems that you can adhere with a special adhesive so you'll be able to regularly wear and launder the garments (see Resources).

Protect your work surface and place a spare piece of fabric, chipboard or even wood inside the garment you're adorning to prevent the adhesive or prongs from reaching through to the layer of fabric beneath it.

Decorate a pair of jeans with simple touches. Create a monogram on a back pocket or run a line of rhinestones along the top of the front pockets. Add studs down each leg or form a design on the cuff like a flower, row of hearts, a word or a cool pattern.

Dress up a plain T-shirt, dress shirt or tank top by affixing rhinestones around the neck or along the bottom hem. You can also trace a stencil or shape lightly with pencil to create a large pattern on the back of the shirt.

Add glitz to canvas sneakers by affixing rhinestones up the back, around the top opening or as a funky design on the toe. Also add rhinestones to the straps of flip-flops and sandals as a glamorous touch.

Design accessories to coordinate with your outfits. Affix rhinestones to a scarf or adorn the pocket or handles of a plain handbag. You can also add sparkle to a cuff bracelet, wide plastic headband or small hair clips.


  • Follow the instructions with the particular tool or rhinestones you're using to launder the altered clothes properly and preserve the design. For example, you shouldn't iron gems affixed with adhesive since the heat can cause the glue to reactivate and shift.


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