How to Decorate a Diary

How to Decorate a Diary. There are as many ways to decorate a diary. Your options are only limited to your imagination. Follow these tips or mix and match a few of them to create a diary that is completely your own.

Place your mark on the diary's cover. Use markers or special pens to write your name or the word "Diary" on it. Glue a picture of yourself, your friends or family on the cover.

Put glitter, stickers, rhinestones or sequins on your diary. Cut out bits of cards, images from magazines, or ticket stubs from concerts, movies or entertainment parks and glue them onto the cover. You may even glue a drawing on the front cover.

Use fabric on your diary's cover. Make a few interesting patterns by patching a few different cloths together. Lace and ribbon along the diary's edges can also compliment the fabric.

Attach pressed flowers to your diary's cover. Glue the flowers to the diary's cover and cover the entire diary cover with a plastic film or clear book covering.

Write the beginning date of your diary somewhere on the front or back cover. When you fill the diary, write the ending date after it. Including dates helps you keep track of multiple diaries.

Treat your diary like a yearbook. Get input from your family or friends on the inner covers before you begin filling it with your personal thoughts. Their contributions may add to your personal entries.

Add a lock to your diary.


  • If you keep multiple journals or diaries, make your personal diary stand out from the rest.


  • Only decorate the inside covers of your diary if you don't want people to know that the book is your diary. Decorating the outside may attract attention to it.