How to Cut Out a Large Star Shape When You Don't Have a Pattern

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Things You'll Need

  • Silver wrapping paper on a roll
  • Scissors

You can cut a large star shape from any size paper without a pattern by using an uncomplicated folding and cutting technique. To make a large star, use wrapping paper from a roll. Silver wrapping paper, found in the wedding section of a card shop, will be perfect for this large star, which can be used for wall decorations in a child’s star-themed bedroom. You can also glue two matching stars together with a glue stick and hang them from the ceiling with thread.

Cut a piece of wrapping paper from the roll that is as long as the wrapping paper is wide, using the scissors.

Fold the paper square in half, from the top to the bottom. Create a sharp crease by running your fingernail along the fold.

Fold the paper in half again, from the top to the bottom, creating a light crease. Unfold the light crease.

Bring the tip of the right corner of the paper to the light crease mark at the left edge of the paper and firmly crease the fold.

Fold the upper left corner of the paper along the top edge of the section you previously folded.

Turn the paper so the folded point is at the top. Fold the paper in half vertically, matching up the left and right edges.

Cut the paper with the scissors to create an equal-sided triangle, with the top folded corner located at the right edge. Unfold the paper to see the star.


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