How to Cut a Mandarin Collar

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Fabric

A mandarin collar is a short collar that appears on shirts, dresses and jackets. It stands up, and there is a split in the front where the garment opens. A mandarin collar gives an outfit a stylish look, and whether you are sewing your own clothes or adding a new look to an old garment, a mandarin collar is simple to pattern and sew.

Measure around the neckline of the garment to which you are adding the collar. This will be measurement A.

Determine how tall you want the collar to be and multiply this by two. This is measurement B. Mandarin collars are usually between one and one and a half inches tall.

Cut a rectangle that is as long as measurement A and as wide as measurement B.

Fold the rectangle in half along the length with the pattern side facing inwards.

Iron the folded rectangle flat.

Lay the folded rectangle so that the fold is furthest away from you and the short ends are respectively to your right and left.

Round off the upper right and left hand corners. At this point, the collar is ready to have the rounded short ends sewn shut and to be turned inside out. After another ironing, the collar can be stitched to the garment.


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