How to Crochet Shorts

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Things You'll Need

  • Worsted weight yarn
  • Size F crochet hook

The idea of crocheted shorts may seem like an oxymoron, as it combines light summer clothing with wool. However, the delicate stitches of a pair of crocheted shorts should change the mind of anyone having doubt. Creating crocheted shorts of your own is rather simple, as the pattern requires that you know only a few stitches.

Chain 78 stitches and join them with a slip stitch. Begin round one by chaining three stitches. Stitch a double crochet stitch in the next stitch. Begin the pattern of skipping two stitches, then stitching two double crochet stitches in the next stitch alternately until the round is completed.

Begin round two by chaining three. Then stitch a double crochet stitch in the first stitch. Continue stitching a double crochet stitch in every other stitch. Join the round with a slip stitch. For round three, begin by chaining three stitches then stitching one double crochet stitch between each double crochet stitch from the last round. Begin round four by once again chaining three stitches. Stitch a double crochet stitch after skipping two stitches for the entirety of the round. Bind off. Repeat the same series of stitches to create the second leg. Do not cast off at the end of the second leg.

Join the legs by stitching a slip stitch between the first two shells on the first leg. Chain three stitches. Continue by stitching one double crochet stitch between shells. Continue the same pattern on the next leg, joining the two together. Begin the following round by slip stitching in the next double crochet stitch. Chain three, then double crochet stitch in the space between the last shell and the next shell. Continue stitching one double crochet stitch between shells to complete the round. Repeat the same pattern for each round until the space above the crotch measures 2 inches.

Divide the stitches to create a front opening by beginning at the 36th stitch. Single crochet stitch across the row. Complete the next row by single crochet stitching as well. Continue until the piece measures 7 inches above the crotch.

Begin stitching the top short rows by stitching a single crochet stitch in the 33rd stitch of the front side. Continue single crochet stitching across the back. Begin the second row by slip stitching in the first stitch, then single crochet in each of the stitches. Continue the pattern from rows one and two until the space from the crotch upwards measures eight inches.

Begin the front border by stitching at the upper left front edge. Chain three, then stitch one double crochet stitch. Stitch one double crochet stitch between stitches. Chain three and turn. Repeat the pattern for a second row. Repeat at the lower edge of the opening.

Stitch chain stitches until the stitches measure 36 inches long. Bind off and knot ends. Thread the chain through the front opening.