How to Crochet Granny Squares Together for a Afghan

By Contributing Writer

Afghans are an all time favorite of many people. There are afghans made of squares such as granny squares, cotton crochet materials, strips and different designs. The most common ones seem to be made from granny squares. Crochet all those squares together and you'll be using your afghan in no time.

Lay out your granny squares in the order you want to sew them together. This can be either all one color or if you have made several different colors, or you can mix them up to make it a multiple color afghan.

Lay 2 squares out, one on top of the other, with edges touching. These should be right sides up. The right side is the side that you had facing you when you were crocheting the granny squares.

Hold the squares in one hand with the backs together. Insert your hook, the same one used for the squares, into the top corner stitch of each square. Hook your yarn, using the same color used for the squares, and pull through both squares. Chain 1 and insert the hook into the same stitch again. Hook your yarn again and pull through making 1 single crochet.

Continue crocheting 1 single in each stitch across until you have come to the opposite corner. Chain 1 and pull the yarn out to at least 1 inch. Cut the loop and pull the excess yarn out, leaving a tail to the granny squares. Pull the tail tight. You have crocheted your first 2 squares together.

Place another granny square on top of the two you have already crocheted together with backs together. Repeat the process for the new square. When you are finished you should have 3 granny squares sewn together, one on top of the other. Continue this process until you have a row the length you want for your afghan.


Sew all squares together with the right sides facing you. If you have different colors of squares, there is no need to lay them out. Simply lay them in stacks of colors.


Do not crochet more than the top of each square. This will make it difficult to open your squares when finished.