How to Create Digital Art

How to Create Digital Art. Digital art encompasses a wide variety of computer drawing and animation created with graphic software and illustration programs. Digital art can help an accomplished artist create more paintings and drawings to easily translate inspiration into reality. It can also help a person with a shaky drawing and bring their artistic dreams to life. Either way, consider the following ways to explore the digital art world.

Draw images with pixel art. This type of digital art gained prominence in early video game and computer animation. An artist creates a graphic pixel by pixel using Microsoft Paint, Photoshop or other simple drawing programs. Pixel art requires patience, since every tiny block builds upon the next one to create an image.

Create a blinkie. Instead of grabbing pre-designed icons from iffy websites and posting them to your emails and websites, create your own. Design Blinkies use the same technique as pixel art, and add flashing text using a variety of software programs. Animate the blinkie to make it wink wave or dance using Flash or other animation processes.

Fashion a digital scrapbook. Instead of using paper and physical photographs to make a scrapbook, digi-scrapbooking involves replicating a scrapbook page on the computer and inserting digital photos. With the advent of digital art, scrapbooking gives the artist more choices when creating a page. Use Clipart and special text fonts to add pizazz to the photo presentation in Photoshop, MS Paint or with a digital scrapbooking program.

Master vector drawing. Vector graphics contain many objects and follow a mathematical equation to connects lines, curves and of the shape to form a digital picture. Vector graphic software allows the artist to move, rotate or align objects in a certain way to achieve the desired result. Using these programs, the artist transforms curves and separate paths into a seamless image.

Advance to digital painting. Create rich, textured paintings without using messy brushes, oils or paints by using a digital art program. Corel, Studio Artist and Pixarra contain digital tools that allow artists to replicate pastel, watercolor or chalk drawing and paintings that look like the real ting. Some offer a freehand drawing based package while others offer a vector drawing program.

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