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How to Perform the Quick Change Magic Illusion

Things You'll Need:

  • Tear-away suit
  • Tear-away dresses
  • Curtains in various colors

How to Perform the Quick Change Magic Illusion. The Quick Change magic illusion has been a favorite of magicians for decades. The magician and his assistant change into multiple outfits in a matter of seconds. The most important element in performing this magic illusion is timing and sleight of hand.

Collect dresses, suits and other attire in a variety of colors to perform the Quick Change magic illusion. You can work with a seamstress in your region, like Cleveland's SewNeau, to add release tabs and stitch layers together (see Resources below).

Procure costumes from a magic shop that are double-sided to simplify the Quick Change magic illusion. Custom Change Magic Store helps magicians and assistants put together two-sided attire that makes multiple wardrobe changes possible (see Resources below).

Supply flesh-colored material to your seamstress to add complexity to the Quick Change illusion. Cloth that matches your assistant's skin tone allows the change from concealing to revealing dresses without slowing down the illusion.

Write out a background story to tell the audience while you perform the Quick Change magic illusion. This story can talk about dressing for different seasons, professions and events to create prompts for your assistant.

Place colorful curtains and screens throughout the stage to facilitate the Quick Change illusion. The mixture of colors on the stage will attract the attention of your audience while the illusion is performed.

Begin the Quick Change illusion with full-length attire that hides layers of other outfits. The magician should wear a tuxedo or suit, while the assistant should wear a dress with material covering the shoulders.

Line the interior of screens, curtains and other stage elements with hook-and-loop tape to speed up the Quick Change illusion. Textol Systems provides large amounts of hook-and-loop tape that can be applied to the invisible portion of these elements to pull off clothing quickly (see Resources below).

Engage in sleight of hand and other tricks as you perform this magic illusion. Card tricks and clever banter keep the attention of your spectators off the changing garments worn by your assistant.

Wander from point to point on the stage to keep audiences guessing during the Quick Change illusion. Practice moving before you perform the illusion to integrate wardrobe changes, patter and coordination of moving screens.


Obscure the feet of the magician and assistant with creative lighting. Shine a bright light from the head to the knees as you complete the Quick Change magic illusion. This simple step covers up wardrobe mistakes as you refine your performance of the Quick Change.

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