How to Create an Ariel Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Shiny Red Wig
  • Sequined, Seashell Bikini Top
  • Fin-Like Skirt
  • Flesh-Colored Flats
  • Tiara

"Watch, and you'll see. Someday I'll be part of your world." That is the promise that Ariel made to Eric in the romantic song of hope, "Part of Your World." Ariel is a hero to little girls around the world. She is the leading character is Disney's "The Little Mermaid." You or your child can be Ariel this Halloween. Here's how to make a terrific Ariel costume.

Place a shiny, red wig on your head. Disney sells these for both children and adults, or you can find a red wig in a costume shop. Make sure it is long, and make sure to style it to where it can flow. Ariel is of the sea, and her hair should hang loose to flow in the waves.

Pick a sequined, bikini-type top. Ariel is modest, but she is glamorous. Make sure that you try on this top, and try moving all around in it. Reach up and reach down in front of the mirror. Be sure that you are free to move in the costume without exposing yourself to others. This character has a huge reputation to respect for children.

Choose a fin-like skirt. This part of the costume should be tried on. Although you must expect a bit of limitation in movement for a fin costume, you need to be comfortable. Make sure it matches your top.

Put on flesh colored shoes. Ariel is swimming around. She doesn't walk around on land! Shoes aren't needed for the costume, but they are needed for your protection. Choosing flesh-colored shoes are the best option to keep your shoes an easily disguised part of the costume.

Put on an Ariel tiara. You are now Princess Ariel.


  • Try on several tops until you find the perfect outfit for Ariel. Have your boyfriend play Prince Eric for some added fun.


  • Don't pick a top that isn't modest. Ariel should never be a provocative character.

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