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What Props Are Needed for a Cinderella Play?

Poor Cinderella had to work hard for her wicked stepmother and stepsisters.
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The story of Cinderella features a beautiful young woman who is a servant to her mean stepmother and stepsisters. When the prince is looking for a wife, he hosts a ball and invites all the young women in the land. Cinderella is excited about going, but her wicked stepmother and stepsisters sabotage her chances of attending. That's when a friendly fairy godmother appears and transforms Cinderella's tattered clothes into a beautiful gown. Cinderella attends the ball, but leaves in a hurry at midnight as the fairy had directed. In the process she loses a glass slipper and the prince sends his men door to door until they find Cinderella and prince makes her his wife.

Glass Slipper

The glass slipper is more than a piece of wardrobe in a Cinderella play. The glass slipper is a prop that is central to the storyline. Glass slippers can be made in a number of different ways. Perhaps the simplest method is to buy a pair of high heeled pumps for the woman playing the part of Cinderella. Then, spread glue on the shoe and cover it completely with silver sparkle.

If you want to get more elaborate, use white glitter and discuss with the lighting director about shining a black light on the slipper during pivotal moments in the play. This will make the slipper appear to be glowing in the dark.


With the phrase "Bippity, Boppity, Boo" the fairy godmother transformed an ordinary pumpkin into a beautiful carriage to take Cinderella to the ball. Although a real pumpkin can be used for a Cinderella play, it can also be enhanced to become something magical.

Choose a large pumpkin so it can easily be seen on stage; spray paint it white and add sparkle. Large lighted pumpkins that go on sale at Halloween would also make interesting props.

Horse and Carriage

The horse and carriage that brings Cinderella to the ball must be beautiful and ideally, in a pumpkin round shape since it was made from a pumpkin. Carriages may be rented from horse and buggy rental outfits, but finding a pumpkin shaped carriage will prove to be difficult. Make a large cardboard or wood cutout carriage and paint it with white and silver paint. Decorate the carriage with Christmas lights.

Broom and Cleaning Equipment

Cinderella is a slave to her stepmother and stepsisters, thus for much of the story, she is busy cleaning the fireplace and sweeping or mopping the floors. Brooms, rags and mops should all be available for the actress playing Cinderella. Other activities Cinderella could perform include washing clothes on a wash board, hanging clothes on a clothesline or washing dishes.

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