How to Create a Wizard Costume

Things You'll Need

  • 1 Yard Gold Braided Trim
  • Gold Metallic Threads
  • 3 Bobby Pins
  • Purple Men's Bathrobes
  • Star And Moon Stencils
  • 1 Yard Shiny Gold Fabrics
  • RIT Dyes
  • Spray-on Hair Colors
  • Fake Beards
  • Purple Poster Boards
  • Magic Supplies
  • Wizard Attrire

How to Create a Wizard Costume. You'll look and feel like a powerful mage in this majestic wizard's costume.

Buy purple poster board and cut out a large circle. Use scissors to cut to the middle of the circle, and then fold one edge over the other and pull it into the shape of a tall, pointy hat. Try it on and adjust it until you get a good fit. Then staple the two sides together.

Lay gold paper on a flat surface and use a stencil to trace stars and moons onto it with a marker.

Cut out the shapes and then use a glue stick to attach them to your wizard's hat. Then glue gold braid around the bottom.

Lay gold lamé material on a flat surface and use the stencil to trace stars and moons onto it with a marker.

Cut out the shapes carefully and then sew them all over your robe with gold thread. Then sew gold braid around the cuffs of the robe.

Attach your beard to your chin with spirit gum.

Apply gray spray-on hair color to your hair.

Draw some wise-looking wrinkles with a makeup pencil.

Place your hat on your head and secure it with a couple of bobby pins.


  • If you can't find a gray beard, buy one in any color and then spray it gray when you spray your head. If you can't find a purple robe, buy one in a light color and then dye it purple with Rit dye. You don't want to take the time to cut out and sew on stars and moons? Buy several packages of star and moon metallic stickers instead and just stick them to your hat and robe.


  • If you use a dark color of Rit dye to color your clothing, make sure that you wash the article in warm water before you wear it. After you are finished dyeing the article, you'll need to thoroughly clean your washing machine. Run your machine empty on the largest hot cycle and add detergent and 1 cup bleach.