How to Create a Coupon Book

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Markers
  • String
  • Ribbon
  • Stickers
  • Stamps

Creating a coupon book is a simple and meaningful way to show your appreciation to a family member or friend. This craft project is ideal for children and makes a great Mothers' or Fathers' Day gift. A coupon book is also a thoughtful gift for a romantic partner, particularly when finances are tight but you still want to show your love with a special gesture. You'll need just a few supplies and some creativity to design your own personal coupon book.

Decide how many coupons will be in the book and what types of things they will cover. Perhaps your mother might like a coupon good for one free home-cooked meal, or you know that your girlfriend would particularly enjoy one of your special back rubs.

Choose paper for the coupons and the coupon book's front and back covers. The coupon paper should be light enough in color to allow the recipient to read the coupons. Use heavier, more durable paper for the front and back covers. Old pieces of cardboard or file folders make good covers.

Cut out the coupons and the covers. You can determine a special size for the book or just cut 8 1/2" by 11" paper in half. If you are giving the coupon books for a special occasion, you may want to cut the coupons into special shapes, such as hearts for Valentine's Day.

Write and illustrate each coupon. Adding your own artwork can help make the coupon book even more personal. Use colored markers, stamps and stickers to add extra interest to your coupons.

Assemble the book and use a hole puncher to punch one or two holes through the book. Tie a piece of yarn or ribbon through the holes to hold the book together.

Put the coupon book in a box, gift wrap it and give it to your favorite person. You shouldn't have to wait long to begin fulfilling the requirements of your first coupon.


    • If you aren't feeling artistic, you can find coupon templates online. Check out the templates at the Microsoft and or Kodak websites (see Resources below). The templates even allow you to add photographs to your coupons.

    • Choose tasks that you can easily complete when creating the coupons. You won't want to disappoint the recipient by failing to honor a coupon.

    • Staple the book together if you don't have a hole puncher.