How to Connect My PSP to the Internet

Connecting to the Internet with the Sony PSP.
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The PSP (PlayStation Portable System) is a multifaceted hand-held entertainment system from Sony. The PSP not only plays video games, it can play music, store digital content, play movies, make telephone calls and log onto the Internet. Using the PSP system to connect to the Internet is a process that works through a wireless network. It is also a simple process which takes just a few steps to accomplish.

Turn your PSP hand-held system on, go to the "Settings" option and select "Network Settings," then "Infrastructure" and finally, "New Connection." Ensure that the "WLAN" button on your PSP is switched on.

Select the "Scan" option. Your PSP will scan for an available wireless connection. When you see a connection appear, highlight the connection and press the “X” button to choose it.


Input the network password if needed. Select the “None” option if no network security exists.


Select "Easy" for the address settings. This will automatically configure network settings.


Save these settings after naming the connection. Now test the connection. After the "Internet Connection" test has proved successful, your PSP will be connected to the Internet.