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How to Close a Leatherman Super Tool

The Leatherman Super Tool is a combination tool that features 18 tools and blades. Each tool has its own slot in the base of the Super Tool to allow for easy and compact storage. Most Super Tools come with a pouch that holds and protects the tool when not in use. The tool must be completely closed in order to place it in its pouch or to safely put it away. This may be difficult if a user doesn't know how to operate the locking mechanisms of the Leatherman Super Tool.

Hold the Leatherman Super Tool in your hand with the base of the handle pointed toward your body.

Press in on one of the tools in the top half of the Super Tool. This causes the individual tool to move toward the center of the handle, unlocking the safety.

Flip this tool into the handle. It should slide into its slot in the Super Tool's handle.

Repeat this process for all of the tools on the top side of the Super Tool's handle.

Flip the Super Tool over and repeat the process once more for the tools that are positioned on that side. They should unlock and flip into their slots individually as before.

Pull the handles of the Leatherman Super Tool together to close over the pliers. Your tool is now completely closed and may be stored for later use.


The Leatherman Super Tool cannot be closed correctly if all the tools are locked. Press a flat-head screwdriver into the slot at the bottom of the handle to release the lock on the top tool. Work the rest of them into the handle normally.


  • Make sure your fingers are clear of the slots on the handle when you close each tool. Otherwise, you may be cut or pinched when moving the tool into the slot.
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