How to Close a Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss company Victorinox manufactures and markets Swiss Army Knives. These multi-function pocket knives feature a variety of built-in blades and multi-tools. The design of the Swiss Army Knife allows you to easily open and close any of the blades or attachments. However, when closing any of the attachment, you need to take care and keep your hands away from the attachment's spring mechanism.

Hold the bottom of the base of the Swiss Army Knife frame. At the top of the base you will find the various Swiss Army multi-tools. This top portion of the base is the Swiss Army Knife's danger zone, and you need to keep your hand completely free of this area.

Push the open knife blade or multi-tool down towards the danger zone with your free hand. Push on the outside or non-sharpened edge of the knife or multi-tool.

Guide the open knife or multi-tool into the base of the Swiss Army Knife frame. You will normally hear a click or snap when the open knife or mutli-tool fully closes.



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