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How to Motorize a West Coast Chopper Bicycle

You only need a few basic tools to fit a motor kit to a bike.
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If you want to motorize your West Coast Chopper bicycle, as a rule of thumb, you'll need to make sure that your bike has a 20-inch "V" frame or larger and no rear disc brakes. All you need is a motorizing kit, a few basic tools and a couple of hours to put it all together. Once your motor's in place, you can start riding with minimal effort immediately.

Navigate to websites like Transformercycles.com and Bikemotorkit.com to find a motor that's right for your West Coast Chopper. As West Coast Chopper models vary, you'll need to match the specification of motor to your bicycle.

Place an order once you've established which model is going to work for you. Some companies offer a money back guarantee if you have any problems or find that the motor isn't right for your bike. If you don't feel comfortable buying online, consult your local business directory to see if you can source a kit locally.

Secure the motor to the down tube at the bottom of the frame. Most kits come with clamps or brackets that need to be screwed into place to attach the engine.

Attach the fuel compartment to the top tube of the bike's frame and connect it to the engine with the fuel tube.

Secure the chain mechanism which will drive the bike into place. The structure of this will vary depending on the type and model of motor you've purchased so, you'll need to consult any instructions that came with it.

Connect any system of gears to the handle bars of the bicycle and link to the engine.

Things You'll Need:

  • Motorizing kit
  • Spanner
  • Screwdrivers


  • Follow the instructions that come with your motor kit to the letter. You risk serious injury if the engine is not installed correctly. Contact your local police department to make sure that using a motorized bicycle is legal where you live and to find out if you need a license to ride one.
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