How to Clean a Fabric Coach Purse

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Coach, the $4 billion global accessories company, counts its signature fabric purses as the driving force for the company's growth. In addition to being fashionable, Coach purses are extremely durable, but dirt can easily accumulate over time. Fortunately, Coach's best-selling fabric purses are relatively easy to clean.

Coach Signature Fabric Cleaner

Clean fabric Coach purses with a white towel, water and recommended cleanser.
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The Coach Signature Fabric Cleaner is formulated to keep your Coach bag looking as good as new. Apply a small amount of the cleaner to a dry white cloth or towel, then carefully rub the cloth against the purse in a circular motion until you've gone over the entire purse. Dampen another white towel or cloth with water, then use it to wipe away any excess solution. Using another dry white cloth, blot the entire purse to soak up any excess liquid, then leave the purse to air dry completely before returning it to everyday use.



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