How to Choreograph a Lyrical Dance

By Contributor ; Updated September 15, 2017

How to Choreograph a Lyrical Dance. Lyrical dances show expression, mood and often tell a story. Choreographers can create beautiful, flowing lyrical dances or sad, serious dances. The interpretation of the music is left to the choreographer. Here are some tips on how to choreograph a lyrical dance.

Listen to selections of music. Decide on a piece of music that matches the idea or mood you want to create. Pay attention to the beat and rhythm as well as the lyrics.

Decide on a theme or mood for the lyrical dance. Go over the feeling and story you want to represent with your dancers. The dancers need to be clear on the emotion they need to feel when dancing.

Think about placement of dancers on the stage. You can start with all dancers on the stage or just a few. For a united theme, start with all dancers in a cluster. Have dancers start spread out or just with one dancer on stage for an isolated feel.

Consider the quality of movement. A happy, lighthearted emotion elicits carefree movement. Angry emotions elicit strong, harsh movements. Stay focused on the mood by using movements that represent the mood.

Use levels to create an interesting lyrical dance. Incorporate floor work, standing work and leaps into your choreography. You can use props such as stools, chairs or boxes to create more levels.

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