How to Change Resolution on YouTube on Your PS3

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Sony first introduced the PlayStation 3 in May of 2005 and released it for sale two years later. Since this time, the gaming system has been a popular addition to the Sony gaming console franchise. The PS3 utilizes a maximum resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels to provide a clear and life-like picture whether streaming a video or playing a game. There are times when you may not seem to get as high of a resolution as you would like when streaming YouTube videos.

Determine the maximum resolution that your television will display. You may need to go to the television manufacturer's website for this information. Make note of the cables required to attain various resolutions.

Push the triangle button and then select the settings button on your PS3 remote control. Its symbol looks like a toolbox. Click "Display Settings" then "Video Output Settings." This process takes you to the portion of the menu that allows for resolution to be changed depending on what source and cables you utilize.

Scroll in the menu to find the setting that matches the cable you are using. Note the other options of cables and consider changing to better cable options if they exist as you are limited in resolution by this choice. If your television has HDMI or Component/D-Terminal ports, use these types of cables since they offer the only option to receive the highest 1080p resolution that makes YouTube videos display in the best possible way.

Verify that you have the correct screen size selected in this menu. Changing screen size can make a difference in a YouTube video's resolution and overall appearance.

Set the resolution to the highest available if given options. Choose the television type that best matches your television in the same menu. If you have an older television that is 4:3, or more square shaped, choose 4:3; if your television is letter box shaped, more rectangular, choose the 16:9 television type.

Save your changes. Stream a YouTube video to examine your results.

Adjust the video menu on your television to fine tune streaming video resolution. Use a television optimization disk for help with this process. These disks will walk you through individual video adjustments such as color, brightness, contrast and white balance among other settings to further fine tune your picture. These disks are available at most home theater retailers.

Run periodic speed tests on your Internet bandwidth to determine if your Internet speed meets required levels to stream YouTube videos in the clearest and most effective manner. If you are attempting to stream YouTube while also running other Web applications on other home network computers you may get inferior performance if your bandwidth is insufficient.


  • Streaming video can only attain as high of a resolution as its weakest link. If everything in your system is high performance but you use composite cables instead of high definition cables you will not receive the performance you seek.


  • Try a variety of streaming applications to see which works best for your individual network. Verify that an application is suitable for your situation before downloading it. Check reviews and be mindful of malware and viruses.