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How to Change Formats on Netflix Using the PS3

The PlayStation 3 is designed to accommodate the different aspect ratios of a video signal before presenting it on the screen. You can eliminate the black bars that otherwise would be on the screen when playing a standard definition movie that is being streamed to the PS3 from Netflix. The format adjustment is done using the PS3’s operating system menu and will not require changing the video connector that goes between the game console and the TV set.

Press the pressure-sensitive switch on the PS3’ front right ledge until the main menu appears on the TV screen. Navigate to the left with the controller’s direction pad until “TV Services” is highlighted. Press down on the controller’s direction pad until the Netflix icon is highlighted. Press the controller’s “X” button to activate the app until the Netflix main screen appears.

Press the PS3 logo on the center of the controller to return to the main menu while keeping the Netflix program running in the background. Navigate to the left until you come to the “System” icon. Press down on the direction pad until you come to “Video settings.” Press the “X” button to access the video settings.

Scroll down until you come to “BD/DVD Upscaler.” Press the “X” button to select this option. Press right on the direction pad to access the side options. Scroll down to “Full Screen” and select it by pressing the “X” button.

Press the “O” button to return the PS3’s main menu. Navigate back to the Netflix icon. Highlight the icon and press the “X” button to return to the Netflix program that is still running.

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