How to Build Art Display Panels

Things You'll Need

  • 2 24-by-48-inch pieces of ½-inch-thick plywood
  • 3 hinges with ¼-inch screws
  • 2 24-by-48-inch pieces of 1-inch thick Styrofoam, the same size as the plywood
  • 2 30-by-54-inch black or white fabric pieces
  • Craft glue
  • Staple gun

Displaying your artwork correctly can make a significant difference in how your artwork is received by viewers. Creating a display that is clean without distractions is therefore critical. Using plywood, Styrofoam and cloth, you can create art display panels that are easy to pin artwork into and will result in a clean look.

Glue a piece of Styrofoam onto each piece of plywood. Let dry completely.

Lay the Styrofoam face down on the fabric. Fold the fabric around the Styrofoam to the back of the plywood. Staple the fabric in place. As you work around the board, pull the fabric taught. Repeat for the other board.

Attach the pieces of plywood together by screwing the hinges on the length of the plywood.

Glue a piece of paper over the back to cover the fabric ends--if you want a clean back.

Stand the art display panels upright. They can stand on their own by slightly folding the panels in.


  • Change the size of your art display panels by changing the sizes of the plywood and Styrofoam.

    For three panels, add one more panel to the other side of the display panels with hinges.


  • Make sure the artwork attached is not too heavy to make the display panel fall over. If it is, heavy secure the display panels against a wall.


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