How To Make Pinhole Art

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard box
  • Box cutter or scissors
  • Craft foam sheet
  • Pre-printed design or drawing
  • Piece of construction paper
  • Sewing needle, push pin or straight pin

Pinhole art—also known as pinhole punch—is the technique of using a sharp object to make pictures and designs out of holes. Make pinhole punch designs on paper (this particular project uses construction paper) to make pinhole art in a variety of craft projects including Christmas ornaments, lampshades, handmade greeting cards, paper lanterns and wall hangings.

Find the design you wish to use for your pinhole art project. Use a pre-printed design, your own drawing or a pre-cut stencil.

Make your work surface. Cut the side out of a cardboard box and lay it flat on the table. Place a sheet of craft foam on top of the cardboard (the cardboard and craft foam will absorb the pin pricks).

Place a piece of construction paper on top of your work surface. Place your chosen design on top of the construction paper.

Use a needle, push pin or straight pin to poke holes in the design. Follow the lines on the drawing. Press firmly enough to penetrate both the design and the construction paper.

Continue until all the lines in the design are outlined in pinholes. Remove the pre-printed design and discard. Save the cardboard and craft foam for future pinhole punch projects.